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Tue, Oct 8 2019

Happy Birthday Bob & Arc
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KELLY on Feb 1, 2020 (118 days ago)
“Hasta la vista, baby.”BC TUESDAY...LUNGE IT OUT COWBOY FANS!!

“Hasta la vista, baby.”

Power Snatch (Do not break up reps)
3 reps E90sec. for  7:30Mins. (5 Sets)
Build in weight.  If your form starts to breakdown stay at that weight or go lighter and practice movement quality.

5 Rounds for Time
7 Thrusters (85/135lb)
7 Push Ups (TOES)
7 Pull UPs
7 Power Snatches (85/135)

A/E: DBs Thrusters, pick load, Push UPs, Pick Load for Snatch
B: Pick Load, 4 Box Dips+4 Push Ups for MU
C: Pick Load, 4 Pull Ups + 4 Push Ups TOES
Rx2: As Written
Rx+: 95/155, 7 MU instead of Pull ups and Push Ups.

Optional Core Work:
Accumulate 3 Mins. of Hollow Body Hold and 30/40/50 GHD Sit ups. Break it up as needed.

100% 0%

Ross17:00 Rx+ 135# Thruster # Snatch, 145# SWOD
Amanda E17:26 Rx2 D/RX
Denise S19:59 Rx2 D RX 85# for all- thanks WW
Warren20:40 Rx2 D- SWOD-135#
Ethan C23:02 Rx2 RX: 135# w/ MUs; SWOD: 165# max
Lisa Ri12:31  c 55 bar 7 each
Kelly V13:16  65#
Sydney S13:40  rx 55#bar
Cecily14:51  85# squat cleans instead of snatches
Stacey B16:43  65# (1set) 55# bar
Bridget18:03  65#/hrpu/banded pu
Lizbet19:15  55bar, 4pull ups, 7 push ups
Alex L21:23?  ⬇️ to 115# after 4 snatches @ 135#. MU’s unbroken 115# swod
Alex L 7:16pm
Ross my man, sorry to inform you but 135# was not RX+... think you meant to select RX2🤷🏽‍♂️

Colleen G 8:05pm
Denise, I want to thank you for the helpful hints for my handstand walks. It really helped❤️💪

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