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Thu, Sep 17

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Back Squat on Sep 23, 2020 (2 days ago)

Full Body Tabata

Tabata 20 second On, 10 second Rest

Choose a weight that you can go unbroken and not rest.

4 sets of Each Movement Before moving on:
You’ll Need 2 Dumbbells

Bicep Curls
Strict Press
Lying Tricep Press
Lying Flys
Bent Over Rows
Lateral Raises

2min Rest

4 sets of Each Before moving on:

Reverse Lunges w/DB’s
Goblet Squat w/DB
Cossack Alt Squat w/DB
Weighted Side Plank /DB Lft
Weighted Side Plank /DB Rt
DB Bx Step Ups 16/20

Buy Out- 1000m Run

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James L391- 25 lbs, 20 for lat raises  4:01 for run

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