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Fri, Mar 5

Happy Birthday: Kristin N & Mimms
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Annie 2020 on Oct 2, 2020 (196 days ago)

It Takes Two

Warm Up: 2 Rounds
5 Burpee to Plate
10 Plate Lunges
15 Ground to Overhead w/ Plate

Strength: Front Squats
4x2 @ 80-90%

WOD: It Takes Two
Partner Wod - Split Reps Evenly, Run Together
100 Double DB Front Rack Lunges (50/35)
250m Run
80 Burpee Over DB
250m Run
60 Pull Ups
250m Run
40 DB Step Ups (50/35)
250m Run
20 Devils Press (50/35)
250m Run

A: 1/2 Reps, Choose Weight, Ring Rows
B: All Reps, Choose Weight, RR or PullUps

0% 0%

Joe H21:29 Rx I brought a ringer (Stan)
Joseph J22:59 Rx RX w/Kelso Swod 275#
Naomi24:17 Rx RX+ #14 vest w/Galyn
James F24:40 Rx Runs really stink of an empty stomach and no water. But hey, the challenge is over. Lol.
Jason G24:40 with Fulton and Lacewell  Overhead Lunges
Colleen25:12  20# db w/ Cindy. Way to get those pull ups partner 💪

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