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Thu, May 6

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KAREN Benchmark 2020 on Jun 14, 2021 (2 days ago)

Murph Prep Vol. II

Warm Up:
2 Rounds
100m Jog
5 Inch Worm to Push Up
20' Duck Walks
5 Kips on Pull Up Bar

Strength: Deadlift
15 Min to Find 5 Rep touch and go

WOD: Murph Prep Vol II
4 Rounds
500m Run
10 Pull Ups
20 Push Ups
30 Air Squats

Rx- Plated Vest

0% 0%

Blake K17:44 Rx RX
James F18:33 Rx Swod 365
Rafael R23:41 Rx SWOD 295#
Jason G14:44 second time at 4:30  No vest, bike 1250, ring assisted squats
Jamie F14:58  No vest
Laurie P21:08  No vest - SWOD 185
Jennifer C21:29  No vest, SWOD 145#
Jason Ra26:10  Why on earth would I wear a vest?

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